Free Easter download!!

yalls, I’ve got something very special for you: you know, easterbunny is knocking at your door and I thought I’d give away my ‘Posveta E.P.’ for free download – how awesome is that? 🙂

I did these tunes between 2001/2002 and they feature my big love for the more world/balkan/gypsy-inspired music.

I’ve mixed up traditional gypsy instrumental samples, vocals, percussion with styles like downtempo/triphop and illbient/electronica here – I already posted two tunes from that E.P. earlier in september 09.

‘Posveta’ means dedication in english and this is exactly what this E.P. is: a dedication to the spirit of balkan.

kicking it off with a doped roller called ‘balkanoid’ – I already posted that tune earlier. here we go again with full 320 quality.

hell g. – balkanoid

second track called ‘apátrida’ was posted here before, too – apátrida means ‘statelessness’ in english and this is what it’s all about.

hell g. – apátrida

the third tune called ‘to me dovodi do ludila’ means ‘that drives me crazy’ in english – nothing more is needed to say to this ill track. 🙂

hell g. – to me dovodi do ludila

the fourth tune is a collab I did again with mr achnbach on guitars. he added some beautiful picked guitarlines over my pianoplay. there are also some samples of the gorgeous ‘le mystere des voix bulgares’ inside. enjoy this dark n epic tune!

hell g. – bulgari (feat. achnbach)

the last track is an hommage to ‘kiša’ (in engl.: rain) itself, as its pouring down and washing away all the pain. in the end of this tune there is also a feature of the beautiful vocals of annette gratze. enjoy!

hell g. – kiša

enjoy the dedication! 😉
I wish yall a happy easter!


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