2 more L.O.S.T. tunes

yesterday I found it – another dusty, lost old D.A.T. tape with lots of stuff from my dead aliases and even some bandrelated songs I haven’t heard for ages and nearly forgot.

this tape surprised me sooo much that I’m still confused writing about it.
the attentive reader of my blog already knows what in the L.O.S.T. section happens… 😉

I’m going to show you two lost tunes from my dead band ‘Brot & Spiele’.
This band was the first band I ever played in and wrote own songs with (on photo above f.l.t.r.: me, schindler and disthorsten).

these two tunes I’m going to show you are way out of range and style from typical B&S songs.
they were recorded during a livesession in 96/97 in me & my brothers little midi-studio.
we sometimes did these jamsessions with lots of wine & incense in our studio to gather new ideas and aswell to combine electronic with acoustic or analogue instruments.
there are already a handful of songs on our longplayer ‘baked city’ where we experimented that way.
this must have been also one of our last jamsessions under our name ‘Brot & Spiele’ before we renamed ourselves into ‘Suprafutur’.

the first tune named ‘basement of my mind’ is a dark, creepy atmospheric instrumental lofi tune with a singing and whining fretless bass, cockroaches and a beautiful bontempi organ.

brot & spiele – basement of my mind

the second choon called ‘circus of my mind’ is faster, happier and features a trashed lofi breakbeat, a fat bassdrum, again a fretless bass and some lovely guitar melodies.

brot & spiele – circus of my mind

enjoy these rare, unreleased & previously l.o.s.t. tunes!


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