Now entering the ‘Constellation of Crap’

it happened: on the last L.O.S.T. dat-tape I found all that stuff I searched so long – all the tunes from my very very beginning in producing electronic dancemusic with sequencer software, especially with good ole atari st-based cubase v 1.0.
we are now about to enter the ‘constellation of crap’ inside my mp3-abyssum. 🙂

when I started producing electronic music with sequencer software I was a big fan of all that fast, ravey techno stuff, which was often featured by steve mason on bfbs’ ‘the steve mason experience’.

I made hundreds of tunes that prove this very well – tho these tunes were often made in a rush and without preparing big arrangements. I did producing-sessions were I only made the different synth & instrument channels and recorded the trax while simple turning these channels on or off with faders or the mute-button on the mixing console.

now here is the first ‘crappy’ tune Im going to show you. 🙂
this track is named ‘from galaxy to galaxy’ and features my first dead alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’.
I dunno the exact manufacturing date of this tune but I guess it was in the very beginning of the 90’s, in 1993.
stilistic this track is a fast n’ cheap techno-rave ‘harthouse’-inspired tune with lots of happy arpeggios (via the roland juno 60), a classic offbeat bassline and a stomping bouncy beat.
please forgive the poor sound quality – I didn’t exactly knew what was goin on… 😉
have fun with that!

FX-INTRUDER – From Galaxy To Galaxy

p.s.: due to the fact that I opened up pandoras box of crappy rave tunes over here, I’m going to plan a new topic in my blog which will be named ‘Rave Signal’ in future – stay tuned! 🙂


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