Something sunny

its the first of june yalls and exactly on this day good old friend sun shows up in the sky again – time to exalt & praise sister sun with some sunny music. 🙂

Ive got two tunes for you from two different sideprojects of mine which I both already mentioned here in the past.

first tune comes from ‘$uperchrome’ and has the cheesy title ‘Martini Marimba’ – and now guess, which instrument is featured in this track?? 😉
stilistic this track is somewhere between brazil styled grooves, underlined by an jazzy picked acoustic bass, funky guitarlicks and some nifty record crackles, finally knocked out by an awesome marimba solo and a crazy synthie lead – enjoy that stuff!

(p.s.: this track is also part of our longplayer ‘Exile on Mainstreet’, which will be released later this year on $upra-Recordings!)

$uperchrome – Martini Marimba

second tune features our disco & house-sideproject ‘Breakfast Brothers’ with a relaxed & laid-back vocoder disco tune called ‘Funked up’. 🙂

(p.s.: this tune will be on our longplayer ‘You & Me’, which will (hopefully) be released later this year on lemongrassmusic.)

we are actually double-featured on the latest compilation ‘Deep House Dreams 3’, exclusive on lemongrassmusic!

Breakfast Brothers – Funked Up

enjoy the tunes!


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