Final ‘Interference’ Albumteaser!

yesss, it’s true yalls: finally approaching the completion of our upcoming album ‘Interference’ from my band ‘7 Days Awake’.

exactly one year ago we started recording for ‘Interference’ and then we had some major changes inside our band – read more about that issue here.

as a result of these changes we had to spend a little bit more time in our album – time, in which we recreated nearly each single song. in my new position as the singer & drummer of 7 Days Awake in one person I had to rewrite & recompose the whole lyrics – while doing that we noticed that some of our songs needed a complete arrangement-makeup.
we also added some more atmospheric electronica to boost the overall mood of ‘Interference’.
let’s sum it up: we are for now very thankful that we invested much more time in our upcoming album and are also very excited bout the nice results! 🙂

‘Interference’ is now going to be dropped (with a little delay) in summer this year – prepare yourself for a very special intergalactic ride!
stay tuned – updates here asap!

for now we prepared a final ‘Interference’ albumteaser for you – enjoy!

7 Days Awake – Interference – Final Albumteaser

p.s.: in case you missed our practiceroom-livetransmissions you can still check em all out here in our videochannel or in my blog.

7 Days Awake on MySpace


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