Happy Birthday Blog!!

unbelieveable but true: my blog is now exactly one year old – how cute is that?? 🙂

I remember it all very well when it started…
it was nearly very parallel to the tragic death of MJ (R.I.P.) when I started blogging.

but what to do on a blog birthday??
and why not give a birthday present to my blog?

thought and done: I made a mix for my blog – it’s named ‘blogs suck!’ and I hope my blog likes it!

lots of crazyness goin on in this mix, I can tell yalls!
stilistic it has become again an eclectic joyride thru different dancemusicstyles like f.e. electro & electroclash, indietronic, house and of course the ravetrash shouldn’t miss. (did I forgot disco??)

artists in this mix are f.e. florence & the machine, vitalic, boy 8bit, gorillaz, boys noize, midnight juggernauts and MJ (of course!).

hope yall enjoy this mix like my blog actually does! 😉


Blogs Suck! – Nu Mix July 2010 – mixed by hell g.


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