Nu $upra Release: the hobby of ED

yeah, here we go with another superb release on my little mp3-label $upra-Recordings:

ladie’s & gentleman, I’m proud to present you ‘the hobby of ED – 1.2’ !

‘the hobby of ED’ is the hobby of Edgar Winterhoff from my hometown bielefeld.
Edgar is a good friend, fulltime musician & also bandmate from our band ‘Poor Romantic Track Recorder’ (more of us in near future here in my blog!).

Edgar did a lot of well known bands & projects coming from over here. he played bass together with the ‘Hip Young Things’ and was also part of electronic projects like ‘Casino’ & ‘Looping’.
‘the hobby of ED’ is Eddie’s beautiful lofi indietronic project where he does what he likes most: surprising the listener with lots of very different styles of music, beautiful popsongs, incredible compositions and experimental journeys.

his longplayer ‘1.2’ is a trip into Ed’s heart & brain, sometimes very intimate, sometimes slightly distorted with childlike experiments and beautiful noisy constructions.
don’t take a rest to soon when you’re chilling to one of his easy listening songs – there might be some fuss just around the corner… 😉

his longplayer features 15 songs ranging from easy listening and lofi-pop up to sonic technoid dub and distorted reality and then back to bossa nova (yeah, you read right: bossa fucking nova! 🙂 ).

there are also some very nice features on his album, f.e. of michael beckett (some of you might better know him as kpt michigan), who did the overall production & mastering of Ed’s album and who is directly involved into the ill post-jazz track ‘the next casino’ (maybe a reference to their mutual project ‘casino’).
another nice feature is with our mutual friend fred flörkemeier (also a part of ‘Poor Romantic Track Recorder’) who is doublefeatured on Ed’s album on the gorgeous popsong ‘on & on’ and on the weird expimenal electronica tune ‘electro nature box’.

one last thing to mention is the bossa nova popsong ‘greatest hit’ – ed told me that this song was composed on the 11th of september 2001 (yall know whatelse happened on this day…).
Eddy needed to transact the overall mood of this day into this song – but you better listen for yourself.

I prepared a short albumteaser below for you to checkout – you can also listen to 1 minute snippets of the songs in my shop.

‘the hobby of ED’ is also featured on my labelcompilation ‘This is $upra’ .

and now: enjoy ‘the hobby of ED’ !


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