Brandnu Remix!!

yesyes yalls, it’s time for a brandnu remix!
and this time it’s a very funny one:

I remixed a tune by the author, artist and cartoonist Ralph Ruthe.
Ralph is well known all over germany for his brilliant sense of humour and his excellent cartoons.
he is also not only drawing funny stuff but a true creative workaholic in many ways and he’s aswell from my hometown bielefeld.
and in his sparetime he’s composing & producing solid pop- and dancemusic.

I remixed a track by Ralph which he used in one of his cartoons. his tune ‘Du bist wie Sand’ (in engl.: ‘you’re like sand’) was a big hit in the interwebs and sold a thousand times on iTunes and hit the iTunes Schlagercharts (!!!) on number 3!

first here we go with Ralph’s original cartoon starring three vultures who wanna be popstars:

and here comes my remix – I gave it an overall disco-feel with a funky slapbass, wishful pianochords and an ill breakdown.
Ralph liked it so much that he did some additional soulful ad-libs on my remix – and it was very much fun remixing!:)

btw.: the tune is for free download – ENJOY!!


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