Oldie of the week

back again with another oldie of the week yalls:
this time it’s again a tune I did for a moviescore in 96/97.

it was one of my very early experiences in composing music for a movie and also one of my very early hell g. dnb tracks.

I found this tune in several different variations here on three different dat-tapes – on one tape it was made by my former alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’, and on the other two tapes it was made by my current alias ‘hell g.’ 🙂
for now I decided to show you one of the hell g. versions.

the movie I did this tune for was called ‘Warum?’ (in engl.: Why?) and was a short independent movie made by mate tom mildner, starring lots of friends f.e. andreas (aka a) and dennis (aka d) from my dead hiphop project ‘A, D & Hoellen-G’ (which didn’t already existed that time).

the moviescore consisted of about 7-9 different tracks & interludes. I already showed you some tunes from that moviescore ages ago.

the tune I wanna show you this time from these is called ‘heavenly creatures’ and is a dramatic and diverse dnb track with lots of moodchanges and psychedelic effects inside. it was put together of three different song ideas into one and it’s also more a listen-to-tune than a dance-to-tune. 😉

here it comes in full length – enjoy!

hell g. – heavenly creatures


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