Do you know ‘Poor Romantic Track Recorder’ ??

here we go with another band I didn’t really introduce to you, my dear blogreaders, at all by now: I’m talking about ‘Poor Romantic Track Recorder’.

‘Poor Romantic Track Recorder’, or short ‘PRTR’, consists of Fred Flörkemeyer on guitar, bass & vocals, Christoph Pfeifer on guitar & vocals, Edgar Winterhoff on bass, guitar & vocals and myself on drums & backing vocals. (from right to left on pic above)
our sound can mainly be described as indie-pop-acoustic-blues-folk-country-rock n’ roll-swing. (!!!)
yall heard of this genre before??

the band exists for quite some years already in this memberconstellation – our sound is overall chilled but we can kickass aswell. 🙂

here are two examples – one from the chilled-side & one from the kickass-side for you to checkout. let’s start with kickass 🙂

first song named ‘Spooky House’ is an example for the more rock n’ roll-side of ‘PRTR’, featuring Fred on vocals.
Fred is lamenting that he found a good ole house somewhere in the outskirts but his friends only mention that it’s a goddamn spooky ruin.

Poor Romantic Track Recorder – Sp00ky H0use

second song named ‘Would You?’ is suited on the countryfolkswing-side of ‘PRTR’ and features the vocals of Edgar (also known as ‘The Hobby Of Ed’). Ed questions his girl in a romantic way if she would please give him just a little bit of her love, so that he could give her a little bit of his.
enjoy the songs!!

Poor Romantic Track Recorder – Would You?

P.S. for my hometown mates/readers: ‘PRTR’ plays a show at the upcoming Filmhaus Party ‘Seele brennt’ on this saturday, the 7th of august 2010 – please come over and chill with us! 🙂

Poor Romantic Track Recorder on MySpace


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