Another L.O.S.T. tune

I recently found another L.O.S.T. tune while digging thru my basement of the abandoned cd-r’s (which is located right beneath my mp3-abyssum) – this time it’s another song from my dead band ‘Pierce Your doG’.

PYD consisted of al zeimer on bass, z on guitar & myself on drums and vocals – I showed you some tunes from us already ages ago here in my blog.

the song I found is titled ‘Safe’ and was on our second samenamed e.p. we recorded between 97/98.
we recorded this e.p. with franquee & rolf from formerly famous bielefeld-based crossoverband ‘trieb.’

‘Safe’ is a straight shoving midtempo track featuring the gorgeous guitarwalls of z and was one of our livehits. 🙂
this is the the full length e.p.-version – enjoy!

Pierce Your doG – Safe

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