Brandnu tune!!

it’s been quite a while since I posted nu own stuff, except remixes, bands or sideprojects, but these were indeed the things I was very busy with in the past year.

this nu tune of mine named ‘pegasus’ is a tribute to the 80’s, especially to the good ole C64 computer.
I remember the times sitting and gaming the nights away together with my bro & a crate of vitamalz and beneath the thrill of the serious, ever recurring question: will the datasette load the game or will it fail 5 seconds before it finishes ages of loading-action?? 🙂

stylistic this tune is settled somewhere between gamesoundtrack, electroclash, bitpop & chiptune – but with a slight focus on teh dancefloor. 🙂

‘pegasus’ will be part of my ‘exit planet disco – e.p.’, which will be released (with a slight delay) in the end of september this year on my little label ‘$upra-Recordings’. stay tuned – updates here first!
but for now: enjoy the tune!


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