Nu 7 Days Awake Videoclip!!

whoomp, there it is:

ladies & gentlemen,
please come & checkout the brandnu videoclip for our actual 7 Days Awake single ‘Destination Zero’!

the video was produced by good mate & filmmaker par excellence Lennart Selle. he shot during his residence in the U.S. and he really did a great job on ‘Destination Zero’.

the plot is about a guy, who tries to escape from something and finally gets lost in nowhereland.
the confused guy is depicted by also good mate Mario Wyrwich.

visually impressive images mediate the loneliness of the guy who is constantly on the run and trying to divert himself with something, while getting slightly paranoid – not realising that he cannot run away from himself.

but for now, enough blabla – enjoy the video – we recommend to watch it in fullscreen to get the full hd experience!:)

buy ‘Destination Zero’ on iTunes & get the single plus two unreleased acoustic versions from ‘Black Holes’ & of course ‘Destination Zero’.
both songs are taken from our upcoming longplayer ‘Interference’.

‘Interference’ already arrived over here & hits the stores physical & digital on september the 27th this year.

stay tuned – I’ll keep yall updated!

p.s.: discover more of Lennart’s gorgeous work (movies & music) on his MySpace!


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