It’s Abyssum-time again

long time I didn’t dive into my mp3-abyssum, but the last 3 days I had a spree down here and found some very old dark and fatal stuff – and here comes another pearl from the depths beyond your imagination… 😉

this track comes again from the insane brainiacs of my dead sideproject ‘MYSTIC BRAIN PROJECT’ – I already posted some stuff of us ages ago – you can listen & read about us HERE.

this particularl tune was located in the ‘totally leftfield’ area of my mp3-abyssum and here is why:
stylistic this track is drifting between breakbeats, dark ambient, noises, idm and even glitch (tho this genre wasn’t already invented in the middle of the 90’s..;) ).
it is also driven by an deep, dark & harmful spooky subbass and has also lots of shredded oldschool hiphop samples inside, f.e. the solo beatsounds like bassdrum, snare and a guitar-stab (which you might recognize) and the speechsample, which is well known in dj-circles. 🙂

CAUTION: this is evil listening – listen for your own risk! 😉

track is named ‘untold stories’ – manufactured in 96/97 – nothing more is to say: N-Joy!



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