7 Days Awake album ‘Interference’ out now!!

it’s here folks – our new album ‘Interference’ of my band 7 Days Awake recently hit the stores in germany today!

you can now buy our album in all classic musicstores like jpc, saturn, media markt, etc.
‘Interference’ can also be purchased soon via our website, too.

for the more digitized people around you here are some links where you can preview & buy/download ‘Interference’:

Interference on iTunes
Interference on Amazon
Interference on musicload
Interference on soulseduction
Interference on play.com
Interference on 7digital
Interference on finetunes

you can checkout the video of our first singlerelease ‘Destination Zero’

you can also checkout the albumteaser

ah, and there’s another video you can check – it’s the closing track of our album

enjoy our album and stay tuned for more breaking news regarding 7DA – soon!


4 thoughts on “7 Days Awake album ‘Interference’ out now!!

  1. Hallo H-G. Video (das erste) bockt sehr. Schön Deine Stimme wieder in Rock zu hören. Aber: Wie habt Ihr das aufgenommen?? Oder war das Mrs. Chrystal a.k.a. Lara Croft in Cali?? War einer von Euch dort? Video bockt jedenfalls. Und much respect natürlich.

    Support Kanye, support Nicki Minaj, support den Hoellen-Gangster, respect the A! No Bitchassness – No haters!

    • dude, just scroll this page down a bit and then click on the ‘hells rss’ symbol on the right side – the upcoming page will teach you how to add my rss in your reade. 🙂

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