Another memorable Remix

Long time – no remix…

well, I found another memorable remix last week here inside my cd-vault.
this time it was in 2005 and for german dnb-liveband ‘Die Spielwiese’.

I met ‘Die Spielwiese’ in the well known german producerforum ‘producer-network’ where they had somehow of a remix-producercall running. the most-liked remixes should be released on a special remixalbum.

I decided to enter the game, chose a tune & started remixing their jazzed-up tune ‘Just For You’.
First thing I did was peeling out the jazzed dnb essences and replace it with some darker & melancholic downtempo/electronica – not because I don’t like jazz (I even love it!!:)) but because I wanted a complete different approach on that song.
peeling out that jazz was a very hard way to go, so my last weapon in this was a vocoder I layered over silvias vocals and: it worked! 😀

then everything else went automatic – the dramatic buildups & breaks, the real piano and at last the furious changeover into very hard & dark breakbeats/dnb – it was suddenly all inside.

after finishing & sending it over to the spielwiese they loved what I did and released it on the gorgeous compilation ‘Die Spielwiese Remixed’ with lots of remixes by f.e. shroombab, polarity, er.ic, mad vibes & feindsoul, fuyo, xitrix, etc.

listen to the original ‘Just For You’ >> HERE!

enjoy my romantic robot remix!

Go to Die Spielwiese


One thought on “Another memorable Remix

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