Dancing on the Darkside

kicking off this week with a new dancey mix I prepared last weekend – this time it all went a bit darker soundwise, so I named the mix ‘Dancing on the Darkside’. 😉

stylistic this mix is more like a dive into the different depths of disco, like nu-, neo-, italo-, authentic-, cosmic- and dirty disco and a lot of hi-nrg-inspired tunes, flavoured with indietronic and dreamsynth electro – but this time without any rave- or the typical electro bangertunes, sorry folks – maybe next time again.

like I said the overall atmo of this mix is more darker & cosmic, but that doesn’t mean, that there aren’t any happy tunes inside – especially in the second half of the mix sometimes the sun breaks throught the clouds. 🙂

this mix contains artists like f.e. human life, bag raiders, logo, tristesse contemporaine, crookers, etc.


Dancing on the Darkside – Mix Oct 2010 – mixed by hell g.

p.s.: download the mix by right click on the link above and ‘save as’. and as always: if you need the tracklist send me a msg!


One thought on “Dancing on the Darkside

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