Nu release on $upra Recordings!!

yesyes, finally it’s done – a new release on my little mp3-label ‘$upra-Recordings’ is ready for download, yalls! 🙂

this time it’s a release by myself featuring 6 bangin’ new (some are nearly new) tunes of mine – stylistic this is a more dancefloor-oriented release featuring the sound of disco, electro(clash), cut n’ paste, 8bit-chiptune, dreamsynth, etc. all flavoured up with some house & rave sometimes.

the e.p. got the title ‘Exit Planet D.I.S.C.O.’ – here are some words & full-length-previews of each single track – how sick is that? 😀

1.) Andromeda (Intro)
take a seat & float with me thru ambientish spiral galaxies and etheral but glitchie idm milky ways. listen to the hypnotic words of allen n. restle for a soft glide-inn. 😉

2.) disco:very
once you’re in you can’t get back – ‘disco:very’ takes you on a cut n’ paste-trip directly into the 80’s discowave/dreamsynth universe.
I posted this tune ages before, cause there’s also a videoclip I made for it – filmed & starring by my little daughter & cut n’ pasted on the groove by myself. in case you missed it, here it comes again:

3.) Dreams Come True (feat. Cara McQueen)
and we take a huge step in the middle of the 80’s – just remember italo disco, sandra, vanilla trousers, tears for fears & studioline from l’oreal. 😉
‘dreams come true’ was originally composed as a movietheme for a short film by lennart selle named ‘rubber soul’ (also featuring L.A.’s Ariel Pink in the moviescore).
this is the e.p.-danceversion. both versions feature the beautiful vocals of cara mcqueen (which some of you might know from ‘PUCH’ or ‘takt3’) and again the deep & dark spoken words of allen n. restle (who also wrote the complete lyrics for this song).

4.) Pegasus
I recently posted this tune some weeks ago – this is where 8bit chiptune & electroclash collide. somehow with a slight C64 gamesoundtrack-aesthetic. here comes the flying 8bit electrohorse. 🙂

5.) Niteflight
caution: we’re now entering dark & punchie compressed electro-terrain!
‘niteflight’ starts when the lights are already turned down – get kicked by wobbly sawtooth basslines and surreal synth-arpeggios till it all breaksdown deep into robotic machinery.

6.) Happy Cadaver
final tune is more like a dancefloor-drama starring dramatic sacral organ build-ups carried by a punchy beat and a deeply distorted bassline.
‘happy cadaver’ is the oldest tune from this e.p. and aswell the closing track.
last not least there’s also a nice videoclip for this tune, made by pete weltraum, starring a blue beverage can, that tries to find love and acceptance in the human world – but in vain.
enjoy the clip!

if you like to checkout the complete ‘Exit Planet D.I.S.C.O.-E.P’ in a row, here we go:

you can buy ‘Exit Planet D.I.S.C.O.’ directly in my $upra-Shop!

cheerz & thanks!


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