Another 7 Days Awake (Re)Release!

while we from ‘7 Days Awake’ are already busy working on our upcoming fourth longplayer and shortly after releasing our third album ‘Interference’, we decided to also digitally rerelease our very first album ‘Who cares?’ – how friggin’ awesome is that? 🙂

we rereleased it on the label from Übergangsregierung; Ross und Reiter Records.

‘Who cares?’ is way back from our instrumental days in 2003 – we were a four-piece-constellation these days consisting of valera igla (git), simon vegaz (bas), phil kidneybone (perc) and myself (dru&syn).

come and dive with us into groovy psychedelic soundtracks with lots of nice ingredients like blues, surf, latin & kraut(salad).

we from ‘7 Days Awake’ decided to give away one song from ‘Who cares?’ for yalls for free – isn’t that great?

Please download & enjoy!
7 Days Awake – Down the drain

and here are some links where you can buy/download ‘Who cares?’:
Who cares? on iTunes
Who cares? on Amazon
Who cares? on tradebit
Who cares? on
Who cares? on 7digital


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