First Rave Signal!

it’s not sooo long ago I told yalls bout my ravey past in the beginning of teh 90’s – it was that time when I started to produce tracks with good ole cubase 1.0 on an atari st computer.

in these days I listened a lot to that fast techno rave stuff, which was often featured on radio bfbs by steve mason & his steve mason experience.
I was very inspired by the energy of this uplifting sound that I tried to produce something similar.

due to the fact that most of my tunes were produced in a rush with less arrangement I have merely found a vast amount of this selfmade ravey stuff here – so I created a nu blog-topic named ‘rave signal’ (as an ode to the samenamed cd-compilation series). 🙂

here we go with the first signal:

z track made in 1994 features my first (dead) alias FX-INTRUDER and is named ‘metropolitis’, and has a somehow dark & futuristic atmo, a punchy bassdrum, swirling acid arpeggios and a bpm-count of 170 and rising. 😉

enjoy the trip!

FX-INTRUDER – Metropolitis


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