Nu $upra Release: takt3 – So It Is

here’s a nu release on my little label ‘$upra Recordings’ a lot of you dear blogreaders are waiting for long time already: I’m talking about the new takt3 album ‘So It Is’.

takt3 are redefining the words ‘soulful’, ‘deepness’ and ‘sensual’ once again on their new longplayer.
‘So It Is’ can be called a true concept album as it unfolds it’s purity & beautifulness mostly when you listen to it non-stop and in full length.

cara mcqueen and dub mars created a true masterpiece with ‘so it is’ – 15 smooth tunes of pure bliss ranging from light, uplifting & soulful to dark, haunting & minimal are waiting to get absorbed by your ears and soul.

their second album starts where their first album ‘godmachine’ ends – on a complete new and unique level of deep- and dubhouse.
sometimes instrumental, but mostly with cara’s incredibly intense vocals.

come and checkout the albumteaser:

buy takt3 – So It Is – HERE!

P.S.: takt3 were also part of the $upra-Recordings labelcompilation ‘This is $upra’released in may this year with their tunes ‘Come Down’ & ‘Love’ – check it out >HERE<!


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