Another L.O.S.T. tune

after a week of blog-silence (becuz of my epic fight with the superflu) here we go again with another L.O.S.T. tune – this time it’s a veeery sick one! 🙂

this must be the earliest ‘professional’ recording I’ve ever found of my dead band ‘Brot & Spiele’ cause it’s back from the days when we were a four-piece-band consisting of (fltr) myself on drums & vox, thorsten strohmeyer on guitar, ralph bremenkamp on guitar and lutz schindler on bass.

I’m not really sure, but this tune must’ve been recorded somewhere between 92-93 during a recordingsession inside the old Fla-Fla Cinema, Herford. (RIP)
the song is a coverversion of a ‘Boney M’ song named ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ and was part of a tribute to Boney M compilation named ‘Barbarella Fortuneteller: A Tribute to Boney M.’ 🙂
It was unofficially released on compact cassette on Asche’s gorgeous little label Fich-Art in 93′ and also got re-released on cd-r in 2007.

our coverversion is a mad blend of styles ranging from crusty swing over polka punk funk up to ill reggae n’ roll with distorted and pitchshifted vocals all over the place and a manic rhythmguitar that seems to hang on only one chord during the whole track.
enjoy painful 7 minutes of pure terror! 😉

Brot & Spiele – Brown Girl in the Ring (Boney M. Cover)


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