Nu $upra Release: Medicine – Your Tiny Suburbs

kicking off this week again with another $upra-release – this time it’s something very special, cause it’s a double-release-feature: an mp3 and a vinyl (!!!) release at once! it’s also my very first vinylrelease on $upra-Recordings, so my label is no longer a pure mp3-label anymore. 🙂

we also welcome a new artist inside our $upra-rooster: Medicine

when it comes to medicine everyone easily thinks of bitter, harsh tasting syrup to cure one’s pain or illness.

this particular acoustic medicine is cure and illness in one substance.
düsseldorf’s turgut kocer’s house/indietronic project ‘Medicine’ doesn’t want to be your charming friend.
it’s more like a game with disguises, situations and social gradient’s.
‘if you want to understand something you need to have fun – if you want to experience something you can play-act’, he says.

‘Medicine’ focusses on melting different electronic musicstyles together into one catchy context, which normally won’t blend well, like f.e. dry & synthesized funk, disco, deep house, soundtracks, ambient & indietronic.
lyricalwise it’s like an uninvited guest on a wrong, decadent party. what happens then? what’s the difference? come out & find in! 😉

turgut also had a nice soundtrack project named ‘wardrobe memories’ bout ten years ago and was founder of the nice little label ‘schneetreiben’.

‘Your Tiny Suburbs’ is a double-feature-release-e.p.: first version is strictly mp3 and consists of 4 tracks; second version is the limited 500-piece-vinyl-edition and consists of 5 different tracks.

I prepared two different playlists for you to checkout both versions in full-length – how friggin’ sick is that? 😀

starting with the mp3-version – now available in my SHOP:

and here we go with the vinyl edition – you can order the vinyl via ‘’ – records will arrive over here on 7th of january 2011. there’ll be an online shop for vinyl very soon, too!

enjoy and thanks for purchasing!

p.s.: for those who buy the vinyl there’s a very special christmas gift: there are downloadcodes to all vinyltracks plus the super-exclusive bonustrack ‘hello jesus’! 🙂

p.p.s.: turgut & me are planning another great thing: the digital rerelease of the gorgeous schneetreiben compilation ‘bubble bunny music’ – stay tuned – we keep you updated!


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