Your favourite post in 2010

my dear readers,
it’s time to pay tribute to yalls again – 2010 has nearly expired and I wanted again to know which was yall favourite post of mine in 2010? 🙂
I used again the fantastic wordpress-stats-tool like I did last year.
so, here we go again with my personal ‘hell g. Blogreaders Top Ten Posts of the Year 2010′!!

Number 10:
Last Night A Bootleg saved my life
140 readers loved our Bootleg-Remixes of INDEEP’s ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’.

Number 9:
Breaking News from Übergangsregierung
150 people enjoyed the Übergangsregierungs-Remixes of Matthew Adams & myself.

Number 8:
Do you know $uperchrome?
154 wanted to know who actually is ‘$uperchrome’.

Number 7:
New PUCH Albumrelease on $upra-Recordings
162 checked out our latest PUCH album ‘Welcome To Our Madhouse’.

Number 6:
New DJ-Set
176 readers enjoyed a dj-set from myself.

Number 5:
Nu $upra Release: Medicine – Your Tiny Suburbs
211 of you got curious for turgut kocer’s nice new project ‘Medicine’.

Number 4:
7 Days Awake album ‘Interference’ out now!
355 people checked out our latest 7 Days Awake-album ‘Interference’.

and here cometh the first three places:

Number 3:
Something sensual
380 of you loved the sensual stuff I did with miss Can’Tell.

Number 2:
Something mystic for your brain
442 users enjoyed the creepy, mystic and ill stuff I did with darth wörman under the name ‘MYSTIC BRAIN PROJECT’.

And the Winner is
On Number 1:
This is $upra – A Labelcompilation
872 (!!!) blogreaders can’t be wrong – they enjoyed the gorgeous compilation of my little label ‘$upra-Recordings’. 🙂
This is really wonderful and it giveth me power & strength to go on with that shit! 😉
thankyall’s for reading my stuffle – hope to see yalls again in 2011!
keep your ears stiff and have a great party!
sincerely yours,


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