First Abyssum post in 2011

first time in 2011 we’re back inside my Mp3-Abyssum and again we approach two different quadrants simultaneously, like we did it some time before.

today’s two abyssum quadrants are the ‘planet of the lonely tunes’ & the ‘totally leftfield district’.

todays dead alias for this feature is again nobody else than my dead alter-ego ‘FX-INTRUDER’.

it’s also another oldie cause it was arranged in 1993 and one of my very early works. the tune is named ‘crystal castle‘ after the samenamed famous computergame from atari in 1983.

I chose this title because of the clear, crystalline sounds & hookmelodies.

overall this tune has some very electropop-ish production and sounddesign while it is arranged like a techno or housetrack, with very long and minimal tension build-ups, add-ons, but without the typical 909 drumcomputer f.e.
that’s the reason for letting me place this tune inside the ‘totally leftfield district’. 🙂

I placed it in ‘lonely tunes’ aswell because of the overall melancholic atmo, which was very untypical for my FX-INTRUDER alias aswell, so ‘crystal castle’ was a lonely tune inside the FX-INTRUDER context. 😉

enjoy the tune!

FX-INTRUDER – Crystal Castle


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