Do you know ‘Ghosts in Disguise’??

it’s time for a new sideproject yalls!
this time we enter very haunting terrain – smooth, ethereal and sometimes dreamy and spooky – I’m talking about
‘Ghosts in Disguise’.

GiD‘ were born in late summer 2010 throughout an electronic live improvised jamsession by mate, producer & dj Matthew Adams and myself.
we chose the name after endless jamming, mixing & arranging with a nice bunch of equipment and the overall ethereal & haunting sound of the tracks, which were also endless in time (almost over 10minutes each tune).

our equipment consisted mostly of hot digital stuff like a bunch of controllers, two synced laptops (via lan cable) and a good ole fender rhodes mark I epiano.
till now it evolved to a huge equipment castle with nu tons of controllers, lots of analogue stuff & a crate of old synthesizers aswell.
to get a glimpse on our equipment follow this link.

our sound is hard to discribe with words but it is settled somewhere in the middle of indie electronica with some light dance flavours like house & techno, sometimes even a bit glitchie and we even climbed down into the dubstep realms once. 😉

for a better understanding we suggest that you check out ‘Ghosts in Disguise’ for yourself – right now!

enjoy the tunes!

like us on facebook

p.s.: ‘ghosts in disguise’ will also be part on the upcoming labelcompilation ‘This is $upra 2’ – stay tuned for updates!!


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