Another L.O.S.T. tune

when I was recently surfing thru my dat-tapes I found a recording which I searched already for ages – it’s somehow somekind of historic recording aswell cause it features a jamsession of some usual suspects you might know…and so another L.O.S.T. tune was found! 🙂

this tune is a very early electronic jamsession of mine and was recorded in the beginning of the 90s at me & my brothers recordingstudio. but it wasn’t only just a session with my brother (who named himself ‘YEN‘ here)…there were two other guys around.

one guy called philipp muench (who named himself ‘U-MATIX’), who had projects like ‘The Rorschach Garden’ & ‘Ars Moriendi’ running – all settled somewhere between 80’s inspired wave & electropop and industrial/noise & dark ambient, and the other guy called tim kniep (who named himself ‘Ω’), with whom I had an electronic jamproject running named ‘Alive But Dying’, which focussed on a mixture of ebm and industrial sound. with this project we also had a small release on a tape-compilation called ‘Transmission Two’ on Fich-Art in 94′.

this was the first time philipp met tim and these guys had their first musical interchange – 1 year later the guys founded the worldwide wellknown industrial outlet ‘Synapscape’, and it all began with THIS session at my bro’s & my studio. 🙂

this sessiontrack named ‘The Beam’ is an eclectronic joyride through techno and other dancestyles like acid & trance and has aswell some noisy excursions into ebm, dark wave & even industrial and is carried by a huge stompin’ bassdrum.

enjoy the (historic) trip! 😉


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