News from 7 Days Awake & Übergangsregierung!!

just some short news from us:

7 Days Awake and Übergangsregierung are both part of a gorgeous double-cd compilation named ‘Buuh! Nazis erschrecken!!!’ (Booh! Scare Nazis!!).
It’s an anti-fascist sampler with nearly 100s of different bands on it who all got one thing in common: they all hate nazis & want to do some action against them.

this compilation is a very nice piece of work which starts already with the lovely artwork, done by rosi, marie & pablo, who did an awesome plasticine job. 🙂
inside the huge booklet there’s a lot of informative educational work done regarding the hidden (and obviously) nazi-networks and a vast of historical facts – all concerning the county of warendorf, germany, in special.

all in one this sampler is made and also available via the ‘Netzwerk gegen Rechtsextremismus, Kreis Warendorf’ (Network against Right-wing extremism) and they all did an awesome job!

there are 100s of bands on this compilation like krusty crew, samavayo, souls for sale, hans dampf, kapelle vorwärts, the movement, etc.

from 7 Days Awake they chose our song ‘Cascading Style Sheets’ from our lates album ‘Interference’ – check it out here:

from the Übergangsregierung they chose ‘Nicht Verhandelbar’ from our latest longplayer – checkout the videoclip!

you gotta buy this compilation – more work like this needs to be done in future!!

thx & cheerz!


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