Oldie of the Month

todays oldie of the month is a ‘younger‘ one – compared with the most other oldie’s of mine I blogged here the last years.

this tune named ‘zound invaders‘ was made in 2004 under my current alias ‘hell g.‘ and was intended as some kind of dancefloor-hymn for our deceased party-event named ‘madwax soundinvasion‘. (see flyer above)

we always had some nice drum & bass artists & dj’s around like f.e. nu:tone (^^^), john b, logistics, etc (to name a few).

‘zound invaders’ is a dnb-hybrid as it combines nuschool with oldschool in one track – starting of nuschoolish in the beginning and breaking down into some oldschool amen-action, spiced-up with some allover heavy house & disco flavours.
the tune is also part of my 2005 album ‘total consuming satisfaction’ which will be rereleased later this year on $upra Recordings.

enjoy the tune!

hell g. – zound invaderz


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