Do you know ‘Phantomsignal’??

my dear readers, I recently realized that it’s time for a nu sideproject – and who else could be a better company for me than my good old musician friend Mario Christofferson (aka dub mars)?? 🙂

it was in the beginning of 2011 when we sat around in our studio and jammed along with nu soft- and hardware.

after experimenting for hours mario decided to simply press record while we were still jamming & testing. so he recorded again some hours of electronic session and we were astounded bout the result: a deep, haunting mixture of beats & bass, sometimes mysterious, sometimes dark & sinister.

our first thought was: we need a name for that sound!
and it didn’t took long to figure one out…. that was the day when ‘Phantomsignal‘ was born.

so we went on and recorded each and everything we jammed & after that we cutted & mixed the pieces and fragments of livesound together.

the sound of ‘Phantomsignal‘ could be described as some very deep and doped trippy dubstep with dopebeats & triphop elements, combined in a more experimental way.
we call our sound ‘tripstep‘. 😉

but enough talked for now – how about checking out our sound for yourself??
we’re about to release our first E.P., the Testbild E.P., via my label $upra Recordings in may this year – here comes the teaserenjoy!!

p.s.: we’re currently working on our first remix for the bielefeld based impro-jamband ‘The Von Duesz’ – stay tuned – updates here furst!! 😉


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