Nu Boris Backup Remix!!

do yall remember that cool 17-year-old-kid from wüsten, who had his first release on the ‘This is $upra – Labelcompilation’ last year? for sure you do!
well lemme tell ya: boris is back up in town! 😉

he was & is very busy remixing different artists atm and also working on his very first e.p. which will be released later this year on my label aswell.

boris did a very fine remixjob for the darkambient/idm/noise-duo ‘Mandelbrot’ last year. his remix and a bunch of other excellent remixes f.e. by imminent, P-A-L, Bipol, Salt, Frl.Linientreu, etc. are now available as a complete free remixalbum and for download via the audiophob labelsite.

checkout boris’ remix here:

get the complete ‘Mandelbrot – Remixed’ album for free HERE!

p.s.: boris is also currently working on a remix for the bielefeld/leipzig-based instrumental jam-impro-trio ‘The Von Duesz’watch outupdates here first!


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