Back into the Abyss

time for another mp3-abyssum post yalls!
this time we go again far back in time into the year 1994.
it was a turbulent year for me – first it was that year when me & my first band ‘Brot & Spiele‘ recorded our first longplayer ‘Baked City‘ at the overdrive studios in minden; second it was also one of my most productive years with my dead alias ‘FX-INTRUDER‘.

and it was also the year where I had my very first electronic livegig on a technoparty at the good ole FKK Minden.

this tune named ‘Nylonscape‘ is a live recording from this technoparty which took place on the 13.11.1994.
I was performing in the chillout area together with philipp münch, andreas ‘asche’ schramm & sven pügge.

‘Nylonscape’ is a deep & dark chill/ambient/dark ambient tune with a slowed down bassdrum, lots of spacey pads & dark ambient drone sounds.

enjoy the spherical trip!

FX-INTRUDER – Nylonscape (live)


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