New Topic: Last Call

yes yes yalls,
I need to clean up my webspace a bit so I created a new blog topic:
The Last Call.

whenever you read ‘Last Call‘ here in future it’s your last chance to get a special featured content from my webspace I posted some time before. the content is available for free download exactly until my very next blogpost – then it will be deleted permanently!

today’s ‘Last Call’ is for a mix I did in 2008 called ‘Maxi Dance Explosion‘ (see cover above).
featured artists in this mix are f.e. bag raiders, midnight juggernauts, the rapture, the presets, little boots, etc.
for a complete tracklist just send me a msg.

grab it fast – you’ve got 7 days left! 😉

enjoy the mix ! 🙂

MAXI DANCE EXPLOSION – mixed by hell g. – April 2008

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