As Above – So Below!

kickin’ right into june with a brandnu dancemix I prepared yesterday/night for yalls to move your feet n’ hips to. 🙂

this time it’s again a magic joyride thru the realms of contemporary dancemusic – starting with the sparkling mystic of neo & cosmic italo-flavoured disco, then broaden the horizon with eclectic indietronica and finally breaking down into some serious and housy electro-bangers, while taking the whole downward spiral from bright shining light into complete darkness.

featured artists in this mix are f.e. damn arms, lost valentinos, deerhunter, skrillex, treiber, d.i.m., etc.

for a complete tracklist just send me a msg!

enjoy the mix!

As Above So Below – Mix June 2011 mixed by hell g.


2 thoughts on “As Above – So Below!

  1. Hell-G this is Lennie. This is so great, I want to see if some DJ’s will want to place this in New Orleans.

    • hey lennie, nice to see ya over here!! hope you’re fine!
      you just need to invite me to new orleans and I’ll come over and play that stuff for you!! 😉

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