Nu Remixrelease on Audiolith!!

back again with some bangin’ breaking news!
did a brandnu remix for my mates of ‘Treiber‘. their upcoming singleBreaking Sky‘ is going to be released on 24th of june on Audiolith Records.

chrissy & tobi created a true dancefloor-killer with ‘Breaking Sky’, which is a ripping electro/dancepunk/rave anthem, flavoured with tons of hooks & distortion and very nice vocals done by sven ‘herkules’ stober.

checkout the teaser-video:

my remix takes a different approach on the tune, as it is more settled in electrohouse and features a deep & distorted pumping bassline – it was nearly impossible to make the remix any better than the original already is, so it’s just different. 😉

check & grab my ‘breaking skull‘ remix for free – and/or buy the single plus six different remixes (including mine) from artists like MAKZ, skeet & max von valentiner.
enjoy the release!

check Treibermusic
and Audiolith
ah, and treiber on facebook

also check out the Treiber Interview!!


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