Another L.O.S.T. tune

long time no L.O.S.T.-tune – thats what I thought when I was recently surfing thru my mp3-vault.
after diving for some hours I found some very rare stuff from my dead band ‘Suprafutur’ which fulfills the criteria of being L.O.S.T. 😉

this particluar tune named ‘Valium’ originally was an instrumental livejam which we recorded very lofi & oldschoolish on minidisc in 1999.
after copying the jam on computer I cutted & looped parts out of it and re-arranged, re-effected & remixed it.

it was part of the $uprafutur E.P. ‘Worth living for’ (see cover above) and also one of the first cdr-releases on my little label $upra-Recordings.

stilistic it is a smooth and jazzy instrumental indietune which takes you on a slight surreal & narcotic trip – enjoy! 😉

Suprafutur – Valium (hell g. Re-Edit)

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