News from $upra Recordings

as you may have wondered it’s been a long time with no new $upra-Releases – this time is going to end soon, cause we’ve got some awesome new music in the pipeline!

first of all let me tell you that the upcoming ‘This is $upra – A Labelcompilation Vol.II‘ is about to enter the download stores in august this year. it’s going to become again a mindbending mix of great music and beautiful artists like f.e. the rorschach garden, the von duesz, ghosts in disguise, matthew adams, ylva fred, phantomsignal, DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING, zérophonique, valera igla, medicine and lot’s of more tba artists – stay tunedupdates very soon on this one in this blog!

if you don’t already know the $upra Compilation Vol. I it’s time to check it out!
here’s the teaser:

checkout more previews HERE & THERE!

but there’s a lot more new music to come out on $upra – next albumrelease in fall this year will be the dark & mystical stuff of norways ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING‘ (read more HERE) – witch house/drag with a slight neo-romantic lofi touch – you’ll gonna love it!
(albumteaser coming SOON!)

another mindbending release will be the ‘Testbild E.P.‘ by ‘Phantomsignal‘ (read more HERE) coming up this years fall, too. tripstep/ambient/dub mixed with an overall haunting athmosphere will be a nice acoustic autumn-fellow for your ears. 🙂
check the teaser!

you see, it’s going to become a dark second half of 2011 on $upra-Rec…

other releases in the pipeline:

Valera Igla (E.P. – coming in the end of 2011)
hell g. – total consuming satisfaction rerelease (end of 2011)
boris backup – boomboomboris E.P. (announced for beginning of 2012)

also check all the gorgeous past releases of medicine, the hobby of ED, takt3, puch, etc. on $upra Recordings on

checkout more teasers on our $upra-Soundcloud


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