Nu $upra Release: Phantomsignal – Testbild E.P.

dear readers,
we are about to enter october with a nu release on $upra-Recordings.
as the days become shorter again and darkness breaks in earlier you might be in need for a fitting soundtrack for these phenomenons called ‘autumn‘ or ‘fall‘, and what could be a better companion for you like the dark & deep new project of dub mars & me called ‘Phantomsignal‘ ? 😉

our ‘Testbild E.P.‘ opens with an epic & magic 16minute crawler named ‘Autoflug‘.
this is by far enough time to get into the overall hypnotic atmosphere of our ‘Testbild E.P.’.

our tunes are mostly a mixture of livesessions and minimal arrangements molten together to lucid noisy visions – some call it acoustic near-death-experience, we simply call it ‘tripstep‘. 😉

but that’s just one side of the medal – the other is about letting loose and falling or diving into sound. crafted from the essences of triphop, dubstep, dark ambient, glitch, idm, illbient, dopebeats, experimental electronica & noises.

check the teaser:

checkout and get ‘Phantomsignal – Testbild E.P.‘ in complete length on bandcamp or ithinkmusic.

our track ‘Bandsättigung‘ is also featured on the latest $upra-Compilation ‘This is $upra Vol.II’.

also checkout our remix for ‘The Von Duesz’:


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