Approaching ‘Planet of potential Hits’

my dears,
it’s time for a nu mp3-Abyssum post – this time we are approaching unknown terrain as it is the ‘Planet of potential Hits‘. 😉

those of you readers who are following my abyssum-posts from the very first one might already have noticed the little spot on the abyssum-pic above some times before – it is that district on the map which I haven’t featured until now.

the ‘PopH‘ is a less populated planet – but somehow thru the ages some tunes came here to settle down. these are tunes with a slight popappeal or earworm character.

the featured tune named ‘Native Love‘ from my dead alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’ was manufactured between 93/94 and goes stilisticly in some kind of trance/pop/techno-rave direction.
it has an overall friendly and/or happy vibe provided thru a repetitive & delayed preset-vibraphone melody that goes thru the whole tune. a kickin offbeat-bassline and some slight 80’s-infected drums giving that track the rhythmic corset, later followed by a sleazy pad. 🙂

CAUTION: recorded only on regular audio-tapedon’t expect high-end clean digital soundquality!

FX-INTRUDER – Native Love

enjoy ‘Native Love’ – as always! 😉


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