Another memorable Remix

time for another memorable remix – last time I posted under this topic must be nearly one year ago.

this particular remix was a very special one cause it is mostly made out of the theme from a well known german tv crime series called ‘Tatort’.
it is somehow a remix/mashup-hybrid tune I did in 2007/08.

first check out the original intro HERE VVV:

here’s what I did:
I took the intro hornsection from the original and shredded it glitchwise first.
after that I played the hookline with a distorted juno60 synthbass and added some more distorted synthsweeps and fx.
finally I programmed a stompin’ beat – the scaffold was finished.

stilistic this tune is settled somewhere between electro, rave & trash – some serious madness is going on here. 😉

checkout, download & enjoy ‘Tatort V.2.0’– it’s free!!


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