Another L.O.S.T.-Tape for free download!!

howdy folks,
how about a ‘nu‘ old L.O.S.T. – Tape for free download? 😀

this time it’s a very nostalgic piece of music as it features my very first band ‘Brot & Spiele‘ (read more about us >> HERE!).

this particular L.O.S.T.-tape is our very first demotape named ‘Dangled Dank‘ wich was released physically on good ole audiotape in the beginning of 1994.
it features 4 songs from our first album ‘Baked City’ which was released shortly after our demotape in the same year. these four songs are demoversions and different than the versions on the album.

let’s examine the songs:

1.) all in vain
‘all in vain’ was our secret hit, an overall indiepop/rock anthem with melodic verses, wrapped in a 7/4 beat and everytime broken by an distorted and catchy chorus.
this tune was often played in several local clubs, f.e. the good ole Forum Enger or the deceased Fla-Fla in Herford, where we also had our very first livegigs.

brot & spiele – all in vain

2.) no idea
an overall angry song, mostly rock with crossover-elements as there’s always a good portion of funkyness inside. this demoversion is somehow way cleaner than the later followed albumversion, where we also experimented with samples etc.

brot & spiele – no idea

3.) not your day
one of our most funky tunes – an incredible slapped & tapped bassline with a breaky groove carries the rhythmic distorted guitarhook. after the brigdepart, the song gets way faster and chaotic but still doesn’t stop grooving. 😉

brot & spiele – not your day

4.) law
this tune was the opener of our later followed longplayer ‘Baked City’ – a midtempo crossover tune with nice changes between rock & funk elements. we often started our livegigs with this song, too.

brot & spiele – law

get the complete L.O.S.T.- tape (including coverartwork done by Tim Kniep) for free download as a zip-file HERE, or download each single track seperate by rightclicking on the tune.

enjoy ‘Dangled Dank‘!

listen to our album ‘Baked City’ on MySpace


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