A short Release-Reminder

just to let u know once again that there are some nice nu releases in my $upra-Store on bandcamp, here’s a short release-reminder:

1.) This is $upra – A Labelcompilation Vol.II
the second labelcompilation of my sweet little label ‘$upra Recordings‘ features again an eclectic melange of styles & artists like trian kayhatu, shawdams, the rorschach garden, DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING, medicine, takt3, puch, the von duesz, ghosts in disguise, phantomsignal, valera igla & much more.

listen & download:

also checkout This is $upra – Vol.I

2.) Phantomsignal – Testbild E.P.
dub mars & me are taking you deep down into the depth of experimental dub, triphop, illbient & idm/glitch, or short ‘Tripstep‘.

listen & download:

3.) DJ SPAM – Spamdemonium
the mindbending and brainshaking rerelease of dj spam‘s incredible album ‘spamdemonium‘ – first released in 2000. prepare yourself for a dark ride into the realms of noisescapes & sample wastelands, flavoured with industrial and illbient/broken spices.

listen & download:

coming up next on $uprarec:
DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING (November 2011)
Valera Igla (December 2011)

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! 😉

also visit my $upra – Store at ithinkmusic !


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