CTHULHU is awake!!!

it’s true – you have been warned!

CTHULHU is awake!

the fourth longplayer from ‘7 Days Awake‘ has just hit the stores & is ready for download.

CTHULHU‘ has turned into a true beastunpredictable, deep, dark, hallucinating, hypnotising, hard and in the same time relaxed, chilling and intense.

CTHULHU‘ is a concept-album and can be seen/heard as the dark opposite of our previous longplayer ‘Interference’.
constantly breaking the average rock/pop-song structures like verse/chorus-issues, hooklines/solos in general and/or sing-along-parts, ‘CTHULHU‘ is more like a fever, an ecstatic ride on the darkside, a psychedelic experience including a mesmeric backwash.

we morphed the Cthulhu-Myth into sound & music. we did it classically with git/bas/drums/vox-setup but used it more sound- than songwise – we also added synths, samples, organ, noises, effects and soundscapes.
we were accompanied by our guests & friends like philipp münch (courtesy of ‘Synapscape’) on synths and noises, andi calvente (courtesy of ‘Karmasurfers’) on additional guitar, phil kidneybone (courtesy of ‘7 Days Awake’) on percussion & noises and marc hotfiel (courtesy of ‘Death By Machine Power’) & nadine mensenkamp on backing vocals.

we also did a brandnu musicvideo for our song ‘Wonderboy in Monsterland‘, directed, filmed & edited by marc hotfiel and finalized by sven stober (courtesy of ‘Herkules’) – ENJOY!!vvvvvv

sven also made the makeup of our new website and aswell the coverartwork above!
checkout our new Homepage!

checkout the teaser for ‘CTHULHU‘! vvvvvv

get CTHULHU digital on iTunes.
other mp3-shop’s will follow soon – stay tuned!

the physical CD-Release of ‘CTHULHU‘ will be in the beginning of 2012.

and now:
enjoy & get down with CTHULHU! 😉

One thought on “CTHULHU is awake!!!

  1. DOPE! Bockt echt. Feinster OWL-Rock. Und ein gutes, witziges Video, das mich übrigens sehr an eine Szene aus “Spongebob – Der Film” erinnert, als Bob und Patrik aus Frust an der Theke so viel Eis essen, daß diesem Drink sehr ähnelt, bis sie besoffen in der Ecke liegen…

    Hier der Ausschnitt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPSbJHhJ-YM


    Das A! (aka The Realest aka Livin’ Astro aka Das Lyrische Ich)

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