Nu $upra Release: DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING

it’s finally online, the latest release on my little label ‘$upra Recordings‘ – be prepared for something dark, very dark & sinister – it’s the debut album of ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING‘!

DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING (read more about DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING >> HERE ) unleashes his first selftitled longplayer and it’s become an gloomy & moody ride inside his & your mind and soul.

15 tracks, ranging from cold angst & deep emotion to pure desperation, are taking you on a trip deep down to your very own graveyard.
it’s hard to describe this album with words or to press it into a single shape, sound- or stylewise.

stilistic it ranges all around the dark sidedark wave & dark ambient are also keywords that match the sound of ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING’. but there’s also ebm, industrial or neo-romantic elements – I can even hear some italo-disco influences (!) and some drag/witchhouse flavours in some tunes.
i guess that’s what some people call ‘grave wave‘ today. 😉

DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING himself calls his sound no-fi – that might be because of the overall lofi-atmo on his album, triggered by his oldschool recording technique using old tape machines and overdubs.

first I recommend you to checkout the videoclip for his first actual single ‘Penitence‘. vvvv

to get a fast overview bout ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING’ checkout the albumteaser vvvv

and for a full kingsize impression checkout the album in full length on bandcamp vvvv

download and buy ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING’ on bandcamp or on ithinkmusic

thanks & enjoy!


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