Brandnu Remix!!

kicking off december with a brandnu remix by myself – this time it’s a remix for the gorgeous indie/alterative rock anthem ‘Ventura‘ by my hometown friends of ‘Tarranado‘.

Tarranado‘ (formerly known as ‘Dive‘) consists of bastian (voc/bass), götz (git) & felix (dru).
they are placing their sound somewhere between post-grunge and emotional alternative rock and they truly have a passion for writing huge rock anthems.

Ventura‘ is exactly that kind of anthem I’m talking about. the song just gets right straight into the heart & soul of the listener and stays there forever.

how about checking out the videoclip for ‘Ventura’, filmed & performed at the good old JZO :

I took the marvelous vocals of singer & bassman bastian and created a dancey & wavey electrosynthpop tune of it – check it out and/or download the remix – it’s for free, yalls! 🙂
enjoy! vvvvvvv

also checkout the Tarranado Website


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