A very special X-Mas Re-Release!!

Ho Ho Ho – I’ve got a very special re-release on $upra Recordings for Xmas – it’s nothing less than the very first lonplayer from ‘PUCH‘! 🙂

exactly 10 years ago in the beginning of 2001 cara mcqueen, dub mars & me founded our downtempo outlet ‘PUCH’, named after an old austrian moped-brand.

it was clear from our very first sessions on, that we all have a deep passion for the trippy, melancholic, chilled, & sometimes even the jazzy, loungie and funky-side of downbeat. inspired by acts like massive attack, tricky, portishead, björk, leftfield, etc we started to work on our very first tunes.

our output was vast and so we already finished our first sametitled longplayer in the end of 2001.
after releasing it in a small edition only on cd-r from 01-05 we decided to put it all back on for sale as a special xmas-birthday-doublefeature.

and guess what? we’re also giving away three tunes (for low, memories, broken dub) for free – how friggin’ awesome is that!? 😀

check out our first longplayer ‘PUCH‘ and download/buy the album on bandcamp & ithinkmusic !
right here below vvvv :

sry, no teaser this time – it’s xmas, so yall have enough time to check, listen or skip the complete tracks! 😉 the three free tunes are only available via bandcamp – so come and grab em’! 😉

enjoy ‘PUCH‘!
and a merry xmas to all of you!

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