Your favourite Post in 2011!!

my dear readers,
time to pay tribute to yalls once again – 2011 has nearly expired and I wanted again to know which was your favourite post of mine in 2011? 🙂
lemme first tell you that there are over all lot’s more readers of my blog in general than the years before – I really appreciate that! 🙂
I used again the fantastic wordpress-stats-tool like I did last year.
so, here we go again with my personal ‘Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ Blogreaders Top Ten Posts of the Year 2011′!!

Number 10:
Back into the Abyss
640 readers loved some oldschool spherical live-stuff of my dead alias ‘FX-INTRUDER‘.

Number 9:
3 nu remixes
700 people enjoyed three remixes by phantomsignal, boris backup & myself for ‘The Von Duesz‘.

Number 8:
CTHULHU is awake!!
740 checked out the brandnu 7 Days Awake album ‘CTHULHU‘ + our new videoclip for ‘Wonderboy in Monsterland.

Number 7:
Do you remember the Karmasurfers?
760 remembered the ‘Karmasurfers‘.

Number 6:
Another L.O.S.T. tune
770 readers enjoyed a historic L.O.S.T.-tune featuring philipp münch, tim kniep, my brother & me.

Number 5:
The Future is Ours!!
890 of you danced into the future with my continuous dancemix ‘The Future is Ours‘, broadcasted live at our beloved local campus radio ‘Hertz 87.9‘.

Number 4:
Ghosts In Disguise in Action!
910 people got curious for the live-performances of Matthew Adams’ & my project ‘Ghosts in Disguise‘.

and here are the first three places:

Number 3:
Second Rave Signal!
1120 of you loved the second oldschoolish rave-signal by my dead alias ‘FX-INTRUDER‘.

Number 2:
Brandnu Remix!!
1270 users enjoyed a brandnu remix by myself for my friends of ‘Tarranado‘.

And the Winner is
On Number 1:
This is $upra – A Labelcompilation Vol. II
1950 (!!!) blogreaders can’t be wrong again – they enjoyed the second compilation of my little label ‘$upra-Recordings‘. 🙂
Same procedure as last year – last years winner is this years winner one more time! 😉
thankyou all for reading my blog – hope to see yall again in 2012!

sincerely yours,


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