It’s SYLVESTAAA again!!

yeah, sylvestaaa again! whatelse is there be done than shaking hips & moving feets, drinkin’ (hopefully without drivin’!), excessive partying, etc…youknowI’msayin!?

I for me will have a more chilled sylvester this year, I promise.
but for all you partyheads out there I’ve got again a little present – best use before or while dawning and in combination with beverages for your dancing feets! 😉
it’s a mix – no shit!

featured artists on this mix -> pnau, l-vis, damn arms, superhumanoids, digitalism, binary and much more.

and it goes up n’ down and all around – like 2011 itself a bit..

I wish yall’s a nice party & an awesome kickoff into 2012!

enjoy the mix!

SYLVESTAAA 2K11 – mixed by hell g.

cu next year!

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