Oldie of the Month

here comes the first oldie of the month in 2012 at Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ – a track by myself named ‘I Like It When You Smile‘, created in 2005.

this deep downtempo styled tune is very atmospheric and turns from slight angelic, etheric and positive vibes into some dark, eerie & spooky kind of mood in the end.

stilistic this track is settled somewhere between trip hop/downtempo and broken beats with dub and ambient influences, and features some slightly timestretched strings and a backwards piano.

I Like It When You Smile‘ is also part of my 2006 release ‘Carefree‘, which is available via my $upra-Shop on ithinkmusic and also on iTunes. ‘Carefree‘ will soon be available via my $upra-Shop on bandcamp, too.

listen, enjoy, download & share – it’s free! 😉

hell g. – I Like It When You Smile

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