Increasing the $upra Recordings Backstock on!!

yesyes yall, somehow it has to be done – all that older stuff from my little label $upra Recordings must find it’s way on bandcamp, too. and I’m still busy puttin’ that shit up on there. 🙂

just want to inform you that three older releases have already made their way there until now:

1.) 9mm – It’s all about Music & it’s all about Life

furst one is the fulminant 2003 albumrelease from 9mm named ‘It’s all about Music & it’s all about Life‘ – hardly awaited by a bunch of my blogreaders, here it is – finally available on bandcamp, featuring one track for free download.


2.) hell g. – Carefree

second & third one are older releases & albums by myself, featuring my 2007 album ‘Carefree‘, which features 2 tunes for free, and, when purchased complete, it features 3 additional free bonus tunes – how sick is that? 😀


3.) hell g. – Unireverse

and last not least there’s the 2002 album ‘Unireverse‘, a trippy excursion thru breaks & dopebeats, which comes along with 2 free regular & 2 free bonustracks, if you buy it completely.

enjoy that old shit – I’ll keep you updated for more $upra Recordings Bandcamp Backstock Addage Action! 😉


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